Conditioned tray dryer for drying small amounts of cannabis

In cannabis breeding, the bud volumes are relatively small. However, these delicate and precious buds must be treated very carefully. In this conditioned drying installation, small quantities of buds are dried in trays, under the correct air conditions. The installation can be assembled to your needs and specifications.

The conditioned drawer or tray dryer is a closed installation. With this installation the buds are dried at the desired air temperature to the desired moisture content. This by using dried and cooled air. The trays or drawers are placed in an air distribution system, which ensures that the air is blown or sucked through the buds. The air distribution system is located in a closed casing so that the buds can be dried regardless of the outside conditions.

This dryer can be made suitable for drawers or trays of different sizes. This size can depend on the amount of buds, the moisture content and the desired drying speed.
The tray dryer is assembled according to your wishes; the number of sections and the number of trays per section.
The air can either be blown or sucked through the buds. The choice depends on the specific weight and the amount of buds. With a suction system, the light buds will always remain in the tray and will not be blown away. Dried air is added per section and is cooled or heated to the desired temperature.

On the left a blowing system: In this version the air is being sucked in at the rear. And is then blown through the buds from bottom to top via a lockable opening. The air is sucked back to the rear through the top.

On the right a suction system: In this version the air is sucked through the buds from top to bottom through each tray or drawer. The air is then lifted upwards at the rear and sucked in again at the front through the top.

The air is brought to the desired moisture content and temperature at the top of the installation. This ensures that the buds are always dried at the desired air condition. The design of the air treatment installation depends on the required air circulation, the amount of moisture to be drained and the temperature at which there should be dried.