UV-Light in the cannabis drying installation 
Clean air while drying cannabis using UV lights

It is important that, during the drying of cannabis, the air that circulates doesn’t get contaminated with bacteria’s and molds. To combat this we can incorporate UV lights in our installations. The lamps emit germicidal UV and this will provide a continuous disinfecting of the flowing air. Each lamp will be placed in a special compartment, separated from the cannabis. By doing this the rays of the lamps will not come in contact with the cannabis itself, only with the circulating air. This will prevent the quality of the cannabis to get compromised. The air will continually flow through the UV rays, and therefore it will get disinfected thoroughly. The use of UV light is, with success, being used for years in the flower bulb industry and other agrarian markets in the Netherlands.


One of the advantages are lower amounts of pathogens in the air. This results in a cleaner end product with less loss and better quality. When the amount of pathogens (mold spores, bacterial and viral) in the air is reduced, the interior of the installations will contain less pathogens too, and thus will be cleaner. This results in less intensive cleaning necessary of the insides.



Lamps are waterproof (IP 68) and shatterproof (HACCP) and operate ozone free. Power consumption per lamp varies, standard will be 125 Watt for a 105cm long lamp.

At cannabis-drying.com we continue developing our installations to provide the best quality product in a market where this is very important.