Professional drying and curing of cannabis 
by using ventilation pallets with trays, drawers and boxes

Directly after harvest, the cannabis stems and buds can be hung in the drying boxes. The aeration pallet with boxes will be brought to the processing room or the drying installation by a forklift. The drying and curing of the cannabis will be done in a special drying installation.


This is a ventilation pallet with stacked boxes which makes hangdrying possible; the standard height is 50 cm but higher is also a possibility.

At the top, the boxes are provided with small recesses where bars (Y) can be placed. The stem (B) with buds can be hung easily to a bar (Y). After that, a next bar (Y) can be placed in a recess and will be filled with stems.

The hanging cannabis will be dried per box, vertically from top (W) to bottom (A).


The stems (S) with buds can be hung in the box (Z) directly after harvest. This can take place in a glass house. The transport by a forklift of the stems in boxes is very practical (T), because there are no extra actions required.

Here you have a ventilation pallet with half boxes to dry short, hanging stems.


With shorter stems (S), 2 layers on top of each other can be dried. Each layer will be dried in a separate half box (Z).


Both whole and half boxes can be well filled, due to intensive and forced aerating. Of course, an optimum drying and curing will be conserved!





On the left an example of the ventilation pallet, on which boxes (trays) filled with cannabis buds can be placed.

Depending on the height, 5 to 8 boxes can be stacked on top of each other.

These boxes will be dried and ripened in the drying installation, at the same time.

A dust filter on the bottom of the pallet, filters the dust from the air.

The aeration pallet consists of two compartments; a transport pallet (T) and above that the pallet from which the air will be sucked (A).


Via this pallet, the air will be sucked from top (W) to bottom (A) through the trays (V) with cannabis (P). By doing this, the buds will be dried and cured intensively and equally.


Depending on the dimensions of the boxes, the aeration pallet can have a capacity up to 20m².

An alternative for the concept above, forms a ventilation box with drawers; in this box drawers can be moved in and out.


With a thin layer of buds, 6 drawers can be used on top of each other.


The drawers can be taken out of the box to fill them and can be put back again for the drying process.