Cannabis drying, how does it work?

Professional processing, drying and curing of cannabis by using ventilation pallets with trays, drawers and boxes. Directly after harvest, the cannabis stems and buds can be hung in the drying boxes. The aeration pallet with boxes will be brought to the processing room or the drying installation, by a forklift.

The drying and ripening of the cannabis will be done in a special drying installation.

Ventilation pallet with stacked boxes to make hanging drying possible; standard height 50 cm but higher is possible.

At the top, the boxes are foreseen of small recesses where bars (Y) can be placed. The stem (S) with buds can be hung easily to a bar (Y). After that, a next bar (Y) can be placed in a recess and filled with stems.

The hanging cannabis will be dried, per box, vertically from top to bottom.



 The hanging cannabis will be dried, per box, vertically from top (W) to bottom (A).

The stems (S) with buds can be hung in the box (Z) directly after harvest. This can take place in the green house. The transport of the stems in boxes using a forklift is very practical, because there are no extra actions required.

The aeration pallet consists of two compartments; a transport pallet (T) and above that the pallet from which the air will be sucked (A).



The buds can also be dried without stems.  

Via this pallet, the air will be sucked from top (W) to bottom (A) through the boxes (V) with cannabis (P). By doing this, the buds will be dried and cured intensively and equally.

Depending on the dimensions of the boxes, the aeration pallet can have a capacity up to 20m².

The ventilation pallets with boxes for stems, or drawers/trays for buds, can be transported to the drying installation. Less handling and no risk of damaging or contamination.

At the drying installation, the cannabis will go – without any extra actions – in and out a unit.

The cannabis can be placed per strain in a separate drying unit; the odor of each strain remains 100% pure!





When the ventilation pallets are placed in the drying unit (B), the process of drying can commence. A high-pressure fan (C) sucks the process air via the pallet (A)  from top to bottom through the boxes (J). The amount of air will be adjusted automatically per phase; lots of air when just harvested and less air when the product is already drier.

The moisture content of the air from each pallet will be measured. By doing this, the moisture content of the product can be determined. In this way, the cannabis will be dried individually in each pallet.

At the back side, the air will flow upwards (K) to the air of the drying unit. In the condensation dryer, the air will be dried by condensation and thereafter brought to the desired temperature (F); [65-70° F (18-21° C) and 50-55%].

At the frontside (G), this dried process air will be sucked into the boxes again and can absorb moisture from the cannabis.

After drying, the curing can start (automatically) in the same installation. Always at the right air conditions.



The process air flows via the back side of the installation to the air dryer (K).

A part of the process air will be sucked through the condensation unit (D). There, the process air will be dried by letting the moisture (from the air (L)) condense.

This dried air blends with the rest of the process air (E). The blended process air (M) will be warmed up (F) at the front and flows via the front side (G) back to the ventilation pallets with boxes (A).

This warmed and dried air [65-70° F (18-21° C) and 50-55%] can absorb moisture again, from the cannabis (G).

With bigger volumes, stems and buds can be dried by placing several pallets in front of each other in a bigger drying installation. A powerful fan will suck the air per layer through 3 (or more) rows of pallets. This air will be dried, warmed up and sucked through the cannabis again. Several pallets with cannabis can be dried equally by doing this.


After the drying and curing process, the ventilation pallets with stems or buds can be taken out of the drying installation and safely brought to the processing area.

When needed, the cannabis can also be stored in a conditioned room in the same boxes and drawers. Save storage of a large volume and, again, no risk of contamination.

You only use one type of ventilation pallet; The same ventilation pallets can be used for drawers, trays or boxes.

The use of ventilation pallets with drawers/trays and boxes in combination with the efficient drying installation has got many benefits:

  • Drying the cannabis to a perfect product
  • Very efficient internal transport
  • After harvest no extra handling needed
  • Storage of high volume dry product in a small place
  • The cannabis remains on the pallet until processing
  • High quality and no losses
  • Less labor costs
  • No risk for contamination or infections
  • Higher production by optimal use of the building.
  • Better overview of different strains

Overall: You’ll make more money because of higher quality, less losses and more production with lower labor cost.