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Get better results from your cannabis by drying with a professional drying installation!

Competition in the cannabis world is increasing. That’s why it is important that the quality of your cannabis is kept at a high level or is even improved.
Besides having high quality cannabis, the cost price must also be controlled or reduced. It is therefore important that the flowers are dried and cured properly, efficiently and economically after harvesting. We,, are the best in the business to help you get these benefits.

Our group of companies from the Netherlands have been supplying drying installations to the agricultural sector worldwide for 45 years. In those years we have developed and further improved many types of drying installations. 

Practical research has shown that when air is passed through the product equally and in a controlled manner, moisture will be discharged better and more evenly than in a room with normal air circulation.
For cannabis drying we have used that knowledge we gained over the last 45 years to make special drying installations for your cannabis. Because of this it is possible to dry your cannabis to the optimal conditions to get the best result out of your yield.

The (existing) drying trays can be used within our cannabis drying installation. Trays for flat-drying of flowers can be stacked 5-8 high on special ventilation pallets, while hanging-drying trays, which are higher bins, can be stacked 2-3 high on the same ventilation pallets.
Each unit has a capacity of 3-4 drying pallets which are dried and cured individually. The air is circulated in the closed drying units and is sucked top-down trough each ventilation pallet with cannabis trays or bins. This air is then conditioned to the desired moisture content and temperature to take up moisture from the cannabis again.
The drying process continues with an intensive airflow until the cannabis is dry. When the drying is completed, the curing phase starts automatically and continues with a smooth airflow at the right condition [65-70° F (18-21° C) and 50-55%] for 10-30 days (as set) in total darkness. Optimal for terpenes to evolve, trichomes to dry and smooth out and the THC-acid to convert into THC.  

The ABC processor ensures that the drying process runs automatically in different phases and air conditions. When the cannabis has reached the desired moisture content, the drying stops and curing starts; this prevents too much weight loss and optimal curing.

Each cannabis strain can be placed in a separate unit so that the aromas of the different varieties do not mix. The installation is modular, easy to expand, and can be placed in any building; expensive cells are not necessary anymore.

The use of the ventilation (and transport) pallets makes internal transport very efficient. Stacks of trays and bins are transported with the forklift from the harvest to the drying and curing installation and then to the processing. Intermediate storage is possible by stacking the drying pallets with trays and bins on top of each other. This all means much less labor costs and more efficient use of your (valuable) space.


In summary when using a drying installation from

  • Higher quality due to better drying and curing without mixing odors
  • Higher financial income because too much weight loss is prevented
  • Large saving on labor costs
  • The drying units can be placed in any room; expensive drying cells are no longer necessary
  • Modular construction therefore easy to expand

Higher yield, improved quality, lower production costs, so more profit!!